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Q1: Are you contemplating an important transition in your work or life? Is change in the air?

Q2: Have you lost track of who you are at your best? Would you like to reconnect with your strengths, values and sense of purpose?

Q3: Would you like your work to be in better balance with the other priorities in your life? e.g.: family, financial security, adventure.

Q4: Are you finding it hard to be objective about yourself and what is possible? Do you feel stuck or unclear about what you want next?

Q5: Would you like to design a personal or professional life that will bring you joy and fulfillment? Are you unsure about what that might look like?

Q6: Can you get in your own way or let other people influence your choices? Are you pretty good at finding reasons not to go for what you're wanting most?

Q7: Would you like to have a trusted partner who will guide you through a journey of discovery, confidence and clarity. Would you achieve your goals faster?


Two points for every ‘YES’. One point for every ‘NO’.


7 to 9 POINTS - Congratulations! You’re doing many of the right things to ensure you have the work you want. Now carefully consider where your gaps are and focus on those. Perhaps some more experimenting or connecting with your best self would make a difference? A trained professional coach can help you accomplish that and more.

10 to 14 POINTS - You’re doing many things right! But chances are you want more and you’re having some challenges getting there. It may be time to focus on your career and yourself, and get a partner to support you and the process. People who thrive in their work and lives are self-aware and prepared to learn, make good choices, and take action based on a solid plan. You deserve that too.